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About M.Womersleys

Mark Womersley, Director of Womersleys Ltd, has over the years gained extensive experience in providing technical support and training to all those involved with building conservation work. M.Womersleys now exclusively fulfils this role.

Whether you need support with specifications for repair and consolidation; surveys to identify what ceiling and render repairs are required; Mortar, paint or salt contamination analysis; Training in the use of traditional materials; Or support with training and project management overseas, please get in touch.



For technical support and training.


About Mark Womersley

Mark first worked with local communities to deliver environment and infrastructure improvements in the late 1980's. Since then he has continued to work on initiatives to improve and conserve Historic Areas and Buildings.

Marks extensive experience of working with community groups, contractors and specifiers on old buildings is augmented by him undertaking further training and academic qualifications in Planning, Urban Design and Building Conservation. Mark is currently undertaking part time PhD research at SOAS university in London into Post Medieval Monastic and Vernacular Architecture within Northern Ethiopia.

Mark's Curriculum vitae