February 28th 2021


Bootham Park Hospital

R N Wooler and Company  instructed M Womersleys to take paint samples from 5 locations, within this former mental hospital, and interpret the results of thin paint sections, cast in resin, and viewed under a microscope.

The principal building is the front range, shown on the front cover of this report, which was built between 1773-77 by John Carr, in orange Flemish bonded brick. The three-storey, eleven-bay front elevation is symmetrical with a slightly-projecting, single bay at each end. Whilst the interiors of this building may have been decorated originally in light stone colours, no paint samples have been taken from this earliest phase of development.  A long 1817 two-storey range built parallel to the front range, is represented by sample No.4 and shown below.

February 28th 2021

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