April 4th 2017


Community Lime Burnt at Marple

Local people came together to learn more about the history of Marple Lime Kilns and to build their own. The original lime kilns were established by one of the main men to shape this part of Stockport, Southern Manchester and Northern Derbyshire, Samuel Oldhow, in 1797.

Revealing Oldknow’s Legacy and Womersley’s Ltd organised the lime kiln build and burn on the 30th March. Limestone and Coal arrived on a barge from similar sources as Oldknow used to create quick lime. On the second day we used the quick lime to make hot lime mortar which we will use to build a stone wall. The mortar was similar to that found in the lower walls of a stable block excavated on the same weekend on this site.

The Kilns are located on the Peak Forest Canal’s upper level, from which limestone and coal was delivered. The Marple Kilns were draw Kilns, which were the principal form of lime kiln for large scale production well into the nineteenth century. The kilns could be constantly feed with coal and limestone from above, with draw holes located in tunnels at the base of the kilns. The tunnels allowed the lime to be removed by horse drawn tram trucks. By 1813 there were twelve kiln pots on the site.

April 4th 2017

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