August 8th 2023


Further advise provided to the developers of Oldham Arts Centre

For the main contractor to seek more accurate quotes from plastering companies, and revise their bill of quantities, to take account of the further deterioration of the building over the last two years, M Womersleys have been asked to:

·        Prepare a detailed specification, for the depths of plasters and the number of coats, to be applied to each wall area.

·        To check which of the remaining ornamental plasterwork has de-bonded further since the last survey, as the building remained open to the elements before initial repairs could be undertaken, and to determine how the decorative work will be reinstated.

·        Prepare a detailed methodology for preparing the background, and for fixing new ornamental detail to existing walls, allowing for the likely new plaster depths required to straighten walls and to work with the existing mouldings.

·        Prepare drawings of how the cornice and arched chamfers over the windows at the upper levels will abut the new top floor ceiling, which will be set lower than the original one.

August 8th 2023

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