August 4th 2018


Helping the Canal and River Trust Volunteers

Womersleys helped guide volunteers working for the Canal and River Trust in the repointing and selective rebuilding of a Turnover Bridge (canal bridge number 100) at Stone on the Trent and Mersey Canal. The bridge was erected Circa 1818. The group did really well in their efforts to continue to conserve the structure.

It is built 1 ½ red bricks wide with stone saddle-back copings to parapets. Of single span with elliptical arch. A 'roving' bridge with swept parapets on south side and ramps down to tow-paths to allow horses pulling the barges to continue without being untethered from the barges.

The bridge had bricks put back where they were missing and was pointed up using NHL5 lime, local washed river sand and ironstone sand. The volunteers removed very hard cement over pointing before they started that was near 40-50 newtons per square mm in compressive strength and repointed with a lime mortar that will eventually achieve 5-7 newtons. This mix will resist the wetness that parapets always suffer from but is a lot more vapour permeable than the old cement pointing and would cause failure and salt damage in the hard brick from which the bridge is built.



August 4th 2018

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