May 26th 2023


Lime, Diatoms and Molasses in Barbados: Today we began a series of workshops with tutors and students, from the Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute, Barbados Community College, and tradespeople.

The first day included a PowerPoint presentation about the use of coral stone and lime mortars in Barbados, which has a history of adding active silica rich marl, diatomaceous earths, and molasses to mortars, to improve compaction and weathering. The mortars and stone are constantly challenged by salt laden air which engulfs the island.

We also began to take apart a weighted sash window to enable new sashes to be made for other mid-19th century openings at The Garrison House, now part of the Barbados Museum, during the heritage skills training programme.

M Womersleys on behalf of the Queen Elizabeth II, Platinum Jubilee Commonwealth Heritage Skills Training Programme, funded by the Hamish Ogston Foundation, is delivering the programme. Mark is not only teaching, but also learning from local craftsmen, that he working with.

May 26th 2023

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