November 29th 2022


Providing more training in the use of lime mortars and pointing of setts by the lockside

M Womersleys continue to provide onsite training to the Canal and River Trust in the use of Lime Mortars for the conservation of canal locks and canal side structures. This time at Apperley Bridge on a cold and misty morning. During the training session the inhouse maintenance team and volunteers upgraded their skills and learn how to choose the most appropriate lime mortar for the repair work, whether it be for bedding and pointing setts around a lock or pointing in the lock chamber itself. Simply and clearly during the day, we showed the group how to select the right sands and aggregates, and lime for the work and when to use natural pozzolans in damp conditions.

The group learnt how to appropriately finish, tend, and protect the new mortar, and how to overcome the climate challenges of working in the closed period, outside the traditional lime season. It is great that the Canal and River Trust who manage a massive historic network built from stone, brick, clay, and lime encourage everyone who works for them to select the correct lime mortar for any job. We try to help them to understand when to use hot lime mixes, matured lime putty mortars, hydraulic limes, or natural cements to ensure the continued conservation of our fabulous water way network.

November 29th 2022

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