June 15th 2016


Renovation in the Prettiest Village in the County

Mark Womersley has today been to advise the new owner of Cheviot View on the use of sympathetic breathable lime mortars and insulation materials in its conservation and restoration. The building is a Listed Cottage in Foulton Village, near Berwick upon Tweed.

Cheviot View is an early, well-detailed house, forming the end of a picturesque terrace, fronting Foulden's main thoroughfare. Once a schoolmaster's house, it was linked internally to a schoolroom in the adjoining single storey wing to the West. Details such as the broken pediments with crescent motifs and obelisk finials to single windows, breaking through eaves are thought to date from the mid to later 19th century. This was when John Wilkie, then owner of Foulden House and principal landowner in the parish, funded and oversaw the renovation of the village. Wilkie was well travelled, and is said to have been particularly influenced by a village he had seen in Belgium - possibly accounting for the description of Foulden as '...a little Belgium in the heart of the Borders' (Berwickshire Advertiser, 1932). In 1866 it was considered to be '...the prettiest [village] in the county' (Rutherfurd's).

(ref: http://www.britishlistedbuildings.co.uk)


June 15th 2016

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