September 1st 2023


Report on the paint finishes decorating the front of 20 Coney Street, York

Sorrell (York) Ltd on behalf of the owners of 20 Coney Street has instructed M. Womersleys, to try and identify the failing paint finishes, applied to the front of 20, Coney Street, York, and suggest a specification for repainting. Our report detailed the findings of the paint analysis, and the results were assessed below, within the context of the archival photographic information available.

What is now 20 Coney Street was built as part of a terrace of three timber-framed houses in about 1500, with their gable ends facing onto Coney Street.  The frontages are 3 storeys with attics and are jettied on their upper floors. In the 18th century, the windows were altered, and the fronts were rendered over. The whole terrace is Grade II* listed.

In 1927, 16 and 18 Coney Street were renovated, with the render removed and the timber frame exposed again, and by the 1940s the timber frame was also visible through the render or paint coatings applied to the front of 20 Coney Street, see the photo on page 8.  In the early 2000’s the whole frontage had been boarded over and painted and by 2018 it had been restored, see photos on page 9. From a recent site visit and the thin section paint samples shown below, it appears that the whole façade, within the last 5 or 6 years, had timber frame repairs carried out and was re-lathed and re-rendered with a haired hot-lime mortar, before five coats of lime wash were applied over the oak frame and the new render.


September 1st 2023

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