June 4th 2016


Results of Plaster Survey at Wythenshaw Hall following fire damage

Womersley’s employed by Ornate Interiors, working for Thomasons, have undertaken a plasterwork condition survey and prepared a schedule of sensitive repairs to plasterwork damaged by a recent fire, on the 15th March 2016, at Wythenshawe Hall.

The survey identified the extent of the damage to the individual ceiling panels and the suggested repairs and consolidation necessary, as illustrated below


What is also interesting is that the mortar / plaster analysis carried out by us found that the backing coats of what are thought to be early Victorian replacement panels, in this sixteenth century first floor hall, where made from hot lime plasters. These where presumably left to slake for some time before use and then 5 - 10 % plaster of paris and fine animal hair were added just before use.


June 4th 2016

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