October 10th 2018


Ryedale Plasterers honing their skills & techniques

Ryedale Plasterers honing their skills & techniques, today in a class on creating Venetian Plaster with Mark Womersley using products from the Womersleys Ltd range. The result was a surface with a marble-like and reflective finish


The term ‘polished plaster’ covers a wide range of decorative plaster finishes. These vary from thin and highly polished finishes that resemble polished marble to deeply textured effects that can emulate travertine or limestone.  The history of polished plaster can be traced back to the Egyptians.
Womersleys Polished Plasters are made from slaked lime, marble dust and/or marble chips to create the unique look of each finish. The products are manufactured in the UK. A protective layer of wax or a sealer can also be applied to enhance performance and appearance.
The polished plasters are hand applied by using traditional techniques and stainless steel trowels with rounded corners. A typical build up is between 1 mm and 4mm and consists of a special primer, a keycoat, 2 to 4 finish coats and a wax or sealer.

October 10th 2018

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