November 28th 2022


St Helens Town Hall Investigations in to The Condition of the Historic Ceiling Plasters

St Helens Town Hall was designed by Henry Summer of Liverpool, with building completed in 1876. It has a grand staircase entrance overlooked by a clock tower with steeple and includes stained glass windows on the main internal staircase, depicting St Helena holding a shield which bore the coat of arms of the town.

There have been concerns for a number of years about the conditions of the historic ceilings in St Helens Town Hall. Our inspection and report, upon the request of the Council, sets out the results of surveys that have been undertaken over a four-week period, finishing on the 25th of November 2022.

The report identifys for each of the ceilings the location of required repairs indicated on outline drawings of the ceilings and a full schedule of required plaster repairs and costs for the repairs.


November 28th 2022

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