January 8th 2019


The Shorea tree our soucre of Dammar Resin

Womersleys for many years have sold natural plant oil based paints for timber. The Aglaia and Beeck paint ranges offer recipes close to those used historically and Dammar Resin is one of the key ingredients that gives our natural oil paints durability and strength. It is comes out naturally or can be tapped from the exotic deciduous Shorea wiesneri tree.

The ground down resin is blended with other main ingredients of Caster Stand Oil, Linseed Oil, Citrus Peel Oil and Wood Oil and coloured with mineral based pigments to form in our natural oil paints. These oil paints feed the timber with natural plant oils and line the timber pores rather than blocking them to create naturally flexible and very durable paint which protects the timber from water penetration and decay

January 8th 2019

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