April 4th 2019


Training in understanding the historic plasters of Ethiopia

Mark from Womersleys was pleased to work with the PROHEDEV programme funded by the European Union to help deliver the ‘lime conservation plasters and finishes conference 25th-26th March 2019’ at the Ethiopian Heritage Conservation Training Centre at Gondar.

On the first day Mark worked with specifiers and crafts people to develop their skills and understanding of the use of Historic plasters

On day two Mark presented two talks putting Ethiopian medieval gypsum plasters, 6th and 16th century lime plasters and clay/mud daub in the context of local vernacular skills, influences from Egypt and The Portuguese settlers from India. The second presentation focussed on the similarities and influences of Indian Craftsmen on the early 17th century plasters of Northern Ethiopia. The afternoon session was again a practical demonstration including basic fresco work on to lime plaster and sculptural clay plaster.



Early 17th century lime shell plaster at The Royal Enclosure, Gondar, with an Indian motif

April 4th 2019

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