August 5th 2018


Use of mobile elevated platforms in Theatres

The installation of load bearing structures by theatres' to carry a mobile elevated platform is a massive step forward which allows the full inspection of the plaster ceilings from below, which could not be comprehensively done before without full scaffolds.

This allows me working for plastering companies to set out the repairs that necessary to the plain and ornamental plasterwork ceilings and balcony fronts in line with ABTT guidance note 20. This surveys identify areas of risk and required repairs that are needed to the ceilings.

The reports often, working with a structural engineer, include repairs to the immediate structure supports of the ceilings that may be lath and plaster, cast ornamental details and/or panels of fibrous plaster. As well as detailed repair schedules for the lime and gypsum based plaster work.

The schedules always relate back to drawing and diagrams identifying the issues and location of repairs.


August 5th 2018

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