September 18th 2020


Wonderful 14-15th Century Timber Aisled Hall

A wonderful, potentially 14th century Ethiopian building, hidden behind refurbished chika (clay and teff straw) bound and covered stone walls, a modern steel roof and later extensions under the roof slope.

This timber framed building with a timber plank ceiling, still serves the same purpose that it was designed for, providing a place to feed the servants of Ura Kidane church on Zege, after they have prayed for local people who have died or have spent time devoted to a particular saint day. It is known locally as the house of Yohannes or the invitation house.

It is of particular interest as it combines an interior reminiscent of the 13th century aisled stone halls, from Lalibela, but within a post medieval round building form.

September 18th 2020

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