May 15th 2024


Working with Harrison College on behalf of the Commonwealth Heritage Skills Training Programme

M Womersleys is helping the Commonwealth Heritage Skills Training Programme deliver additional training for students in Antigua, by conserving monuments in the Cathedral Church of St John which have been previously damaged by earthquakes and ground subsidence caused by heavy rains. The Cathedral Church is a popular cruise ship visitor destination, and the hope is to enhance the visitor experience and in a small way, the economy of St Johns town.

The first job was to work with the draughting students to record one of the monuments and decide how it needed to be rebuilt, to accommodate the central frame which is now lost.

The monument was then carefully taken down.

Slaked lime was collected.

Lime concrete was made, and new foundation stones were laid.

Whilst the new base was curing the stones were scrubbed to remove years of grime and organic growth. The next few days will see the re-erection of this monument and the brick wall that was falling over with it.

May 15th 2024

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